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Green Almonds Third Stage
Green Almonds Third Stage

Green Almonds Third Stage

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Please read:  Third stage green almonds are expected to start shipping the week of May- depending on mother nature, those dates are susceptible to change.

**Green Almonds DO NOT fall under any free shipping promotions**  
**We have discontinued the option to choose ground shipping for Green Almond orders.**


Stage 1 (April 1-18 approx.): Almond nutlet is in the gelatinous state and has a texture similar to a grape. The outside hull is covered in a peach-like fuzz. Many prefer green almonds at this stage when eaten whole.

Stage 2 (April 19-May 14 approx.): The nut is half developed, and it is partially in its gel state. Green almonds will now need to be cut open with a paring knife to slit open the fuzzy outer hull.

Stage 3 (May 15-June 1 approx.): Once the fuzzy hull has been removed, it will reveal an ivory colored solid, pliable, tender nutlet. Green almonds will have a smooth, creamy texture and slight nutty flavor. It is great on salads.

Due to perishability, any orders placed after 9:30 am PST on Thursday will not be shipped until the following Monday.

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Green Almonds are a delicious delicacy, popular in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as with chefs around the world who use them as both an ingredient and a garnish. They range from a soft, gelatinous consistency, to a firmer feel depending on the almond's stage of growth.

Green Almonds are available for a short period of time (typically about 1 1/2 to 2 months) from approximately April to the middle of May. The first few weeks cover the early stage (gelatinous), while the later weeks provide the late stage (firm).

As mother nature has her own timeline, we cannot pinpoint the exact date when they will change from early stage to late and there may be some mixture of product in a middle couple of weeks. If you have any questions, please contact us at